Case Studies

Meet Ozzy! He is a 15 month old Pomeranian x Husky and was referred to us in December following surgery to correct bilateral luxating patellas. Ozzy had unstable kneecaps which would slip towards the inside of his stifles causing lameness and a ‘skipping’ gait. This was caused by the anatomy of his femurs and he underwent surgery to straighten them which involved using plates, pins and screws to stabilise the bones whilst they healed. As his right Patella was worse he had an extra procedure called a Tibial Tuberosity Transposition which involves repositioning the boney protuberance at the top of the tibia which the patella tendon is connected to. This allows the patella to sit in a more natural position.
Ozzy had all this surgery at the same time so it was important for us to continue his hydrotherapy during lockdown. Ozzy is a very clever lad and with very dedicated owners and careful rehab he has done brilliantly! We are going to miss him. Well done Ozzy; you are amazing!