Case Studies


This is the gorgeous Meeka. Currently at Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Plymouth Meeka is a 9 month old Husky x German Shepherd. She is a real sweetie but unfortunately has been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. Hydrotherapy can play a big part in building muscle in the hinquarters to help support and stabilise the hip joints in growing dogs while avoiding impact which may worsen the condition and cause arthritic change in later life. We are pleased to be able to offer a course of hydrotherapy for Meeka while she is at Woodside and hopefully after she is rehomed as well.


Meeka has already had 2 sessions in the pool and was very calm and accepting of her new experience. We are sure as her confidence grows she will benefit hugely from regular sessions and also benefit from the mental stimulation. We will post regular updates as she progresses.